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In October 2023, we flew together to Wray, Colorado to participate in the Ian McBeth Foundation's annual pumpkin bombing competition. As the only female aviators in the competition, and facing steep competition that included back-country taildraggers and two big talkers named "Team Ramrod?", we began to strategize.

Alaina would fly - she's got a laser-eye focus on the numbers, and Amanda would be our bomber since she's the most competitive (and willing to hang out of the window of a Cessna 172) !

We dropped a total of 3 pumpkins as the brackets progressed and teams were eliminated. The locals cheered on the female bombing team, and finally came the winning drop - only 14 feet away from the stock tank target. The Blonde Bombers secured a victory and have been proudly representing female aviators ever since! Our victory was later featured in The Wray Gazette:


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